Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boppy Nursing/Feeding Pillow

I am a lover of all things Boppy. Seriously. I discovered the nursing/feeding pillow with my second son and I'm really not sure how I ever lived without it. I was actually given a Boppy feeding pillow when my oldest was born, but returned it because I mistakenly thought it was a silly thing that I could do without. Hah! Little did I know.

Boppy Infant Feeding Pillow

What I love about this product:

- Supports baby comfortably and snugly (for you and him) while bottle or breastfeeding.
- Removable, machine washable slipcover.
- Pillow easily expands and contracts for different sized (or shrinking and growing) midsections.
- Slipcovers sold seperately if you want or need extras.
- Did I mention, it's super cute and available in about a bajillion different patterns???


Questions? Testimonials? Lets hear it!


  1. Anyone hear of the pumpstation? I love that place, they have all sorts of products and stand by them. They test everytihng so they only sell what they think is good. it helped me alot.


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