Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thanks So Much for Visiting!

I started this site after writing (and then deleting) several posts on my main blog and my cooking blog wherein I recommended products that I love and cannot live without. I deleted them because the content just didn't jive with the tone of my sites and the posts felt awkward and out of place. But then, after receiving several offers for giveaways and reviews, which I turned down for the same reason, I thought, maybe... just maybe, I could make a home for them.

So, here we are. For better or worse. Although, if it's really terrible, then I'll disappear into the night. Promise.

I hope it goes without saying, but just in case you were curious, I always blog with integrity.


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For your reading pleasure, this site is categorized in three basic ways:

1. Things I Think You Need

These are items I've purchased with my own money and used without prompting or sponsorship of any kind. (Although, vendors and manufacturers of these items are WELCOME to contact me!). These are items I love and have discovered on my own... often through expensive trial and error. With these posts I am imparting my hard earned wisdom upon you.

But I maintain no liability if you think the items suck. Sorry.

2. Giveaways

These are items that have been donated by various sponsors and merchants, for you. I may or may not have used them and/or loved them. Often times I am compensated for posting these giveaways. Unless otherwise specifically indicated, I am not personally endorsing these items for purchase.

I maintain no liability whatsoever for these items or anything that does or does not happen, related to them. Period. By entering my contests you understand and agree to this.

3. Reviews

These are items people have donated to me, for using and keeping. Often times I am compensated for posting these reviews. I will give you my honest opinion about the product.

Like before, no liability. Seriously. None.