Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sort n' Learn Pelican - Review

Ebeanstalk, a retailer of baby gifts, recently sent us a Sort n' Learn Pelican toy from Tiny Love, who specializes in developmental toys, to review. The age range for this toy, according to the packaging, is six months to thirty-six months. My boys are seventeen months and thirty-three months, so we were a perfect fit!

  • Bright and colorful.
This is a really fun looking toy and my kids were intrigued immediately. They love birds and they love bright colors, so this was a hit right out of the gate.
  • Makes noise and speaks.
Anything that talks or makes funny noises is loved in our house. This toy has a 'noise' option and also 'language' options.
  • Has more than one language option.
As a parent, I like when a toy is multilingual, also the kids get a kick out of repeating new words.
  • Is durable.
As soon as the boys were done playing with the toy it became a missile (as do all the toys in our house) - it came apart easily but despite their earnest efforts, it did not break.

  • Age range.
I think the age-range is a little bit over-reaching. My thirty-three month old got bored with this toy pretty quickly. That being said, my seventeen month old continues to play with it.
  • Complexity.
I felt like it was a lot of toy (rather large) for its limited function as a speaking shape sorter. The kids didn't seem to mind, though.


I would consider this a good toy. We received the product approximately two weeks ago and my youngest continues to play with it (in its intended fashion). I appreciate that it is learning oriented with respect to shapes, colors and languages, and my kids appreciate the form, color and it noise.

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  1. Great review!

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