Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fantastic Rewards Programs: SWAGBUCKS

I am frequently asked about the various reward and incentive programs I participate in, and which ones are best. So, over then next several weeks, I will do a series of posts dedicated to the programs I use! I have no affiliation with any of these, aside from being a member.

This first one, Swagbucks, is something I recently discovered (a little over a month ago), but can unequivocally say it's my favorite. Swagbugs is a search engine (like Google or Yahoo), but once you join, you earn points for searching. The points rewarded are done so at random and the more searching you do, the more opportunity you have to win points. Points are redeemed for prizes, gift cards and even cash in the Swagbucks store. Prizes start at as low as 1 Swagbuck (for things like mp3's and cellphone wallpaper) and go as high as 7,500 (for game systems like Wii and XBox).

Right now, for 45 Swagbucks you can earn a $5 gift code to Amazon.com and in about six weeks I've already earned six codes!!! You can earn additional Swagbucks for shopping through Swagbucks and for active referrals. They also have fun programs like raffles, contests and scavenger hunts for additional Swagbucks!

Have I mentioned I love this program?!

Search & Win

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