Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Time to Buy.***

When we moved into our house nearly seven (gasp!) years ago, the kitchen had pickled pink cabinets, pink (bubbled) Formica counter tops and eggshell (read = yellow) appliances. After a couple years we face-lifted the kitchen and got all shiny new stuff.

I took a lot of time to compare shopping prices and was able to get some really awesome shopping deals. We refaced the cabinets, had the counter tops replaced and bought a new refrigerator, microwave and free-standing range. The only thing we didn't get was a dishwasher, because I had the bright idea to spray paint the old one black so it would match the new appliances. Too bad I didn't take into account the fact that it was 20 (+++) years old!

So needless to say, the dishwasher still runs but it no longer cleans. Dishes go in dirty and come out... dirty. Which means? It's time to start comparing again.

Wish me luck!
***The story is true, but please note, this was a paid post.

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  1. ugh my dishes go in dirty and come out a different flavor of dirty


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