Sunday, March 21, 2010

Upgrading the House, One Step at a Time.

We've been living in our house nearly seven years. When we first moved in, the kitchen had pink (flowered) wallpaper, pink Formica counter tops and pickled pink cabinets. The bathrooms were also pink pink pink! About three years ago we upgraded the kitchen (yay!) and just this past month we started on the bathrooms.

We stripped the wallpaper, re-textured the walls and put in updated mirrors. Now, the only thing that gives away the era of our home (late eighties!) are the gold colored door hinges and door handles. I cannot wait to replace them and be entirely updated.

I'm so close!

***The story is true, but please note, this was a paid post.


  1. thanks for the great post, I have been thinking of changing my door hinges and handles.


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