Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Camping We Will (maybe hopefully not) Go...

I have very little experience with camping (which is kind of how I like it). When I was about ten I went on a trip with the Girl Scouts, but we had cabins, so it was only 'sort-of' camping. Around the high school years my family camped, but ended up sleeping in my mom's van so, again, not so much a true experience. Finally, in college I went with a group of friends and slept under the stars. More of a nature-ey experience, but mostly it was about partying.

Now that I have three little boys and a nature loving husband, I suspect there will be (at least) one more foray into the wilderness for me. Which is kind of a bummer since I much prefer clean sheets and free breakfast buffet. I'm a trooper, though, and I'll make the best of it. But you'd better believe that this time I'm going to go shopping for camping gear and bring some camping tents to sleep in!

***The story is true, but please note, this was a paid post.

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  1. A good air mattress will make any camping experiance almost as good as a hotel.


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