Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Pretty Much Incapable of Kicking Butt. I Scream Loudly, Though, So Hopefully That's Enough.

Self defense is not my personal forte. While my brother and sisters were enrolled in karate, I spend my time at art class and ballet. Occasionally I would go running or play tennis, but mostly I stuck to the leisurely stuff. Once I dated a guy on the high school wrestling team and, also, my dad was in the Air Force. Well, an officer. So that probably doesn't count.

Fortunately I haven't needed self defense so far. (Despite living in Camden, New Jersey for two years... the same two years it was designated The Murder Capital of the Country. And there was a murder right outside my apartment complex!) I've relied on carrying my rape whistle and being prepared to kick, bite, thrash and scream my way to safety. If I have to walk somewhere at night alone, I dial 911 on my cell phone and keep my finger poised over the 'call' button. Just in case. I also make a concerted effort to NOT be out alone at night. Especially not in scary places.

Once upon a time I had pepper spray, and I should probably go ahead and invest in some more for the time being. Except, I'm a little bit of a clumsy person. And literally every single time I put perfume in my purse the bottle breaks. So, I'm probably just asking for a giant fiery mess by putting pepper spray in my purse.

I figure I only need to survive another five or six years before my three boys are old enough to protect me from the boogey man. Plus, my husband took karate. Although, he was like seven at the time. So it probably doesn't count either.

Maybe I'll go ahead and take some self defense classes after all. What do you think? Tae Bo? Jazzersize?
***The story is mostly true, but please note, this was a compensated post.

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