Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Perfect Place.

We live in Central Florida. South of Daytona, about an hour north of Disney World and ninety minutes or so east of Tampa. It's not really rural but not urban either. There's a city within thirty minutes but also a farm within five. I feel like it gives us a nice mix of opportunities. My kids can walk around outside without my worrying about them being swiped, but we can also visit museums and see plays.

We have great public schools, but it's not uncommon for parents to home school or choose private school. Kids wear flannel or trench coats, stilettos or john deere boots with no one giving them a second glance. There are baptists and catholics, atheists and unitarians. Short kids, tall kids, big kids, small kids. Blue collar, white collar, gay and straight. It's a fantastic mix.

The weather is nice too. Hot in the summer but not muggy. A lot of rain, but that's half the fun. There's nothing better than cooling off from a hot summer day by wandering about in an afternoon rain shower. Amazing winters. Seriously, amazing. Seventies during the day and fifties at night. The lawn is green but doesn't grow and winter coats are absolutely not necessary. Spring and fall are warm during the day and lovely at night. We can (and do!) barbecue all year round.

My very favorite part about where we live, though? My parents own the house five doors down. And my sister owns the one six doors in the other direction. My best friend (since I was seven!) lives less than fifteen minutes away and our friends whose girls my boys think are their cousins (because really, they practically are) live a mere one town over. As if that's not enough? Since we're so close to Disney... people visit all the time. There's nothing like being surrounded by family and friends. Nothing.

***The story is mostly true, but please note, this was a compensated post.

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