Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reality Television Makes My Life Seem Totally Do-able (and sometimes boring).

Have you seen the Duggars? Nineteen kids! And they make it look so very easy! Of course it isn't easy, there are hours upon hours of footage taken and then edited into a thirty or sixty minute episode. But, still... wow! They always look clean, fed and well mannered. I only have three kids and struggle to achieve the same thing!

I especially love their house. Have you seen it? The restaurant style kitchen in the back is awesome, and the family closet? Pure genius. How about the fact that they are debt free? So impressive. We are currently striving to be debt free as well, but it's not an easy feat! I'm admittedly not a huge fan of their recipes (tater tot casserole, anyone?) but my husband loves JimBob's tuna fish and barbecue sauce concoction. (ew!)

Oh! And how about the Novogratz from Nine By Design? Only seven kids (hah! only!) including two sets of twins. They run their own husband and wife design and building team. The work they do is completely fantastic. And all (or most, anyways) in Manhattan. What a feat, I'm blown away by their achievements. The latest house they are featuring on the show (the one they live in) has a basketball court on the first floor (my husband's dream!) and it uses garage doors to create a huge indoor / outdoor living space. I love this idea!

Not only are their designs unique, but their kids names' are also fun and funky. How about Five for a name? Or Wolfie (short for Wolfgang)? I am a total chicken about naming my kids (which is why they all have family names) but I can appreciate when other people get creative.

Right now my husband and I run our own business, but we only have three kids. So we're not quite there. He says four is his limit, but I'm going to try to eek out a couple more. Hah!

***The story is mostly true, but please note, this was a compensated post.


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