Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Disney Mania

Living the past twenty-seven years in Florida, the most recent twelve of which have been in central Florida, we have become Disney World veterans. I literally cannot remember a single year that we didn't hit at least one Disney park. When we were kids, my mother would research the best deals and purchase Disney World Packages for our family vacations. Now, because we live less than an hour away, I buy the Florida resident tickets.

Before we had kids and when our work schedules were crazy we would get the Annual Passes which is all three parks (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and EPCOT) for an entire year (although, now they have upped it to eighteen months). The Annual Pass also entitles you to free parking and discounts throughout the park. It was great because I never knew when we would be available to go, so when ever the chance arose, we could dash off to Disney.

After the kids came and I stopped working, we bought the EPCOT After Four passes. These also had no black out dates, but only entitled you to EPCOT after four PM (duh). It was perfect for us because the children were too young to appreciate Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios and we loved to get there at four and walk around the lands before enjoying an exotic dinner. Also, it meant we were able to attend the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival, which is my very favorite Disney event!

Now that the kids are a bit older and have fallen in love with the Disney characters and shows, we have the Annual Weekday pass. This entitles us to all three parks from Monday through Friday during low season. Which is fine, because who wants to elbow their way through the Disney parks during winter break, spring break or summer break when they can go the rest of the year and avoid the crowds?

***The story is mostly true, but please note, this was a compensated post.

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