Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Time Nostalgia

The heat right now is unreal. Oppressive. Cruel, even. And yet, the fiery breeze brings back fantastic memories. I grew up in south Florida, where summer begins in February and ends in November. Our hottest months were spent soaking at the pool and basking in the sweet sweet air conditioning of the movie theater.

We took up dozens of crafts; knitting, painting, beaded lanyards, cross-stitch and latch hook - just to name a few. (Anything that would keep us occupied and indoors was okay with my mother.) Summer camp recess always took place in an air conditioned gym and picnics were set up on the family room floor. I can remember tenting the bedrooms and pretending it was winter, that we could not go out side for fear of freezing solid. Wishful thinking, I'm sure, but it was an awful lot of fun at the time.

Afternoon storms with their flooding rain and booming thunder always added some excitement to the day. We would drag our blankets from the bedroom and snuggle in the living room to watch cartoons and rest. Hopeful that the power would stay on long enough to see the end.

So, even though we're back to dodging the heat and relishing cold showers, summer is not all terrible. I still love the pool and the movie theater and look forward to introducing my children to summer outings (or maybe innings is more appropriate!). We are going to the mall today, where the playground is cool and carpeted. Next week we will hit the Science Center and the library is a weekly stop. An indoor gym will probably join the rotation, along with some trips to the ice cream parlor and community splash zone. So, the temperature may be unbearable, but the results are surely not.

And if I stand in the sun and close my eyes, for a moment I still feel ten years old.

***The story is mostly true, but please note, this was a compensated post.

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