Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm a TOTAL Kitchen Tool Junkie.

We have an inordinate amount of kitchen cabinet space considering the moderate size of our home. I remember when we first moved into the house thinking I would never ever ever be able to fill even a fraction of the cabinets. I would laugh and show guests how ridiculous it was that we only had contents for a third of the kitchen. Or half the kitchen. Oh, three quarters of the kitchen? Well, shoot. How did that happen? Wait, what do you mean, I have no where to put my new coffee maker? Ah! The laundry room? Nope. Hall closet? Nope. Baby's bedroom? NOPE.

Seriously, in the past eight years we've live in this house I have developed an unhealthy fascination for kitchen gadgets. All kinds. I am totally NOT a kitchen gadget snob. The plastic wedgie thing that scrapes your dishes clean? Totally just as cool as a soda siphon. Bread maker? Awesome, but no better than the acrylic patty maker. Cookie cutters? Absolutely rank with the fancy cream dispenser.

The problem??? I have no more space! And in a kitchen with normal cabinet space I could laugh it off and say something like 'silly builder didn't know how to lay out a proper kitchen'... except that this builder made me an awesome kitchen. I don't know him (or her?) - this house was built well before the idea of owning a home (or a bicycle for that matter) even entered my mind. But the builder? Did me right.

I'm trying to think of solutions for my dilemma. Please don't suggest getting rid of my beloved (BELOVED) kitchen gadgets. (please). I'm considering maybe taking over my husband's closet? Renting a storage unit? Moving all my kids into one bedroom and creating a giant walk-in pantry with the extra room?

...or maybe getting rid of some of the things I don't really use. *sigh*

***The story is mostly true, but please note, this was a compensated post.

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