Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Science Center. Learning How Germs Work.

One of our favorite places is the local Science Center because my kids love all the hands-on activities. The building is four floors with three to four exhibits on each floor, including a preschool geared center on the entire first floor. They have everything from puzzles, to water features to a pretend sewer! Each exhibit is filled with incredible sensory experiences to help kids get the most information possible.
While the center is a wonderful educational experience, I've also come to learn that it's a breeding ground for the common cold and flu virus. We always bring plenty of hand sanitizer to guard against the inevitable onslaught of germs, but it never seems to fail that we will be investing in Kleenex about a five to seven days after our visit!
This post was written as an entry for Blissfully Domestic's 'Hands On Learning With Health Safety in Mind With Kleenex' contest.

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