Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm a Little Bit Nosey.

One of my favorite things about when we get a wedding invitation is the registry. I love to see what people want. Sometimes I even look up registries of people I don't know and have never met. It's nosey, but then again kind of not really, because they put it on the internet for people to look at, right? It's not as if I'm peeking into sock drawers and medicine cabinets.

What did you register for? My registry was quite boring. Dishes, linens, silverware. I think the most exciting thing we asked for was a drill. I know. *snoooooze* We didn't even request china, just regular old dishes. Which are still working out quite nicely, thank you very much.

My sister was recently married. They asked for camping gear and camping tents. How cool is that? It never even occurred to me when we were doing our registry to put something other than (boring) household items on the list.

I think I am going to start a registry for my gift challenged husband. Instead of getting a pair of last season's pajamas that don't even fit, I will finally get my cast iron skillet! Or maybe a cute pair of earrings and some fun yarn for crocheting. Possibly a new pair of shoes? Or dare I dream... no... i won't go there.

But, if I start a registry for my gifts, and he finally gets it right... where's the fun in that? At least he keeps me guessing now. And how fantastic will the day be that he finally gets it right on his own? Grand, I tell you. Grand. I don't want to take that moment (or at least the possibility of that moment) away. In the mean time, I'll drop hints and keep looking at other people's stuff.

***The story is mostly true, but please note, this was a compensated post.

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  1. I made a Target list for my shopping challenged family. Its worked very well, plus I can sneak on and see what has already been purchased!


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