Sunday, September 26, 2010

To Home School or Not...

I have been thinking about the schooling situation a lot lately. We purposefully moved into our neighborhood because it is zoned for some of the highest rated public schools in the state. Despite this, and the fact that the schools have remained in good standing, I continue to read and discover major downfalls with the public education system. Add to that the people I have met and been exposed to who home school, and the situation becomes even fuzzier.

With respect to attending school... I loved school. If not for the reading, writing, arithmetic, but for the social aspect. I know that while I could (and would!) still introduce my children into social situations and environments, it's still very different than dropping them off at school for six hours a day and having them learn how to navigate the waters of life themselves.

On the other hand, I don't know if I want my kids going at it on their own. The negative influences in school abound. Even in elementary school there are kids doing drugs, cursing and treating people with disrespect. Is this what I want my kids exposed to?

What about the curriculum? Between myself (a lawyer) and my husband (an engineer), I feel like we could provide the children a very well rounded curriculum. But what of offering a different perspective? What about subjects we just plain don't like?

I guess my biggest struggle with deciding is the time issue. Both mine and theirs. As much as I love being around my kids all the time, getting a break from them (and them from me) while they attend school would be really lovely. It would also allow me to pursue things that I have had to let go over the past four years. That being said, one of my biggest complaints while I was attending school was the epic amount of time wasted during the day. I feel like as a homeschooler, I could make much better use of time since we would not be bogged down with many of the administrative tasks teachers are compelled to complete. As small business owners, it would be amazing to have a flexible schedule with the kids and to not be tied to the public school's calendar.

In the meantime, we've converted our formal dining room into a playroom with kids furniture and educational toys. We're doing learning based activities and sneaking in education as much as possible. My kids are only one, two and three years old... so we'll keep teaching and considering. And I'll keep you posted.
***The story is mostly true, but please note, this was a compensated post.

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  1. It's a big decision. I was homeschooled. All 13 years (K-12). I loved it. :)


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