Monday, November 29, 2010

We're Not Unemployed, But We May As Well Be.

Okay, that's not entirely true. But with respect to health insurance, it seems so. My husband runs a computer animation business from our home and we also run a small property investment and management company. Total employees? Two. Which means, at least in the state of Florida, we don't qualify to purchase group coverage. And while private individual and family plans are actually pretty reasonably priced and easy to come by... they don't include maternity coverage. Which is no good for us, since we want more kids. So, how do we find health insurance for the unemployed? Or, visitors health insurance? Or, insurance for small business owners?

It's not necessarily an easy feat, but there are more options than many people will let on. In our case, my husband is enrolled in classes at the local university. This qualifies us for group health insurance through the college. It's a great plan, gives us access to the student health center and gives us full coverage including maternity. It's not inexpensive, but is comparable to what we would get and what it would cost through a corporate employer.

When my husband finishes his degree in August, he will work part-time for a company that has agreed to give us access to their group health insurance. He will do this until we're either done having kids and no longer require maternity coverage, or until we have grown our own businesses enough to purchase group coverage for our employees.

If you're not interested, or unable to enroll in college or start a part time job to qualify for a group plan, there are still other options. The most viable options are looking for group plans through clubs and organizations. Some alumni groups offer health insurance to their members, as do professional guilds (think freemasons, electricians, lawyers, writers). Sports clubs will occasionally offer access as will some social clubs.

It takes some searching, but your health is worth the time!
***The story is mostly true, but please note, this was a compensated post.


  1. Actually maternity benefits can be added to individual plans or be included with individual coverage. I'd suggest talking with a licensed agent to find the plans that would fit your needs.
    Also, be careful with a college plan because those usually have a small network of providers. If you don't want to visit the student health center, will you be able to go other places? Are those places close to your house? And do those plans provide prenatal coverage?

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