Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rex and Fred Strike Again.

I'm sure you remember our good friends, Rex and Fred? You do recall? Rex is a dinosaur and Fred is a cowboy. They live in Florida and love sticky donuts. They learned a valuable lesson about maintaining global health insurance when they're on vacation. And to always listen to your mama.

Well, when Rex and Fred were released from the hospital, they decided to track down White Rabbit so they could talk to him about how dangerous it is to text and drive. White Rabbit obviously needed some lessons on safety (and time management). Rex and Fred thought they were just the people to teach him.

First they checked the phone, book, but rabbit was unlisted. Next they looked on the internet, but there were 15,000 white rabbits. What breeders! Fred and Rex decided they would make an adventure out of searching for White Rabbit, so they purchased their visitor insurance and set to trekking.

They began at the library of congress. This was an interesting stop, but not very helpful. The sweet librarian suggested a trip down memory lane. Fred and Rex weren't sure what exactly that meant, but the remembered loving Disney World as little kids, so they checked it out next. Splash Mountain was fantastic and they saw white rabbits, but alas, they were all animatronic. Someone suggested talking to the big mouse in charge, so a chat was scheduled. Unfortunately, he was all booked up until 2014. This would not do! White Rabbit was terrorizing the roads as we speak!

Thinking back, Fred remembered how helpful Mrs. Rex was the last time they got into a bind. They called her up and in a flash of brilliance she told them to trace their steps back to the last place they saw White Rabbit.

Golden Corral!!!

Off went the friends, looking forward to finally tracking down White Rabbit (and maybe taking a short break at the all you can eat buffet). Sure enough, the restaurant manager, a sage old grey hare knew just where to find White Rabbit!

[stay tuned to find out what happens next! ]

Please note, this completely ridiculous story (inspired by my young children) was a sponsored post.


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