Monday, January 3, 2011

This One is With the Help of My Kids

Once upon a time there was a cowboy. He lived in Florida and liked sticky donuts. He also was friends with a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The cowboy's name was Freddy Freddy Do Da Did, but his friends just call him Fred. The Tyrannosaurus Rex's name was Rex. His buddies call him Rex. Fred and Rex were in their early twenties and had just finished school. They didn't have jobs yet and had decided to travel around the world eating their favorite foods and staying up way past bedtime. Rex's mom told them to eat their vegetables, always look both ways before crossing the street and get health insurance for unemployed. Fred and Rex laughed heartily. Eat vegetables? No way!!! Doesn't she know we're carnivores?

They young travelers hopped around the globe enjoying their new found freedom. They paid no mind to Mama Rex's advice and ate everything and anything that crossed their paths. Sometimes very literally, I mean Rex was a dinosaur after all. They laughed at cars and crossed streets without abandon.

Until one day, following a long afternoon of tummy stuffing at the local Golden Corral, the two belly-aching buddies stumbled into the street. In their food induced stupors they didn't realize they were stepping right in front of a white rabbit driving his mini cooper. The White rabbit was late for a very important date and was driving much too quickly. Hec was also hopelessly lost and texting his friend for directions. Silly rabbit.

Crash. Boom. Ouch.

The mini cooper got all tangled and mangled in Rex's toes. In his pain and anguish Rex hopped around and landed on Fred who promptly fell over and bruised his bottom. Those kind suggestions from mommy dearest weren't looking so silly any more. Fortunately, in all her glorious all knowing motherly wisdom, she did sign the boys up for visitor medical insurance.

The hospital stay wasn't the Marriot, but at least there were hot meals and cable television.
Please note, this completely ridiculous story (inspired by my young children) was a sponsored post.

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